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Go from
to self-confident.

Award-winning orthodontists giving you straight teeth and a beautiful smile.

The Stewart Family | Invisalign, Braces, Braces

A portrait of a woman looking worried, potentially about her teeth.

Crooked, gapped and unattractive teeth can make you feel insecure.

You avoid smiling in photos.


Kids especially are often bullied or teased.  Adults get passed over for jobs or promotions.

We know how uncomfortable that can be. We can help.

Award-winning orthodontists with specialty training

Affordable monthly payments at 0% financing

Experienced with Braces and Invisalign

Start right away with same-day braces

Find out why these patients are smiling! 

“We love Dr. Garrett and his staff! They are wonderful with our family and always make sure we have our questions answered.” 


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Take the first step to a confident smile

Jessica | Invisalign

Schedule a free exam.

Call or text us to make an appointment.

We make your plan.

Get an individual treatment plan and timeline made just for you.

Get started.

Ready to go? We can usually start the same day.

How we bring smiles to life

With braces, Invisalign, and other orthodontic procedures, our team transforms crooked, gapped teeth into stunning smiles. 

Customize your braces! Choose gold, silver or clear braces at no additional cost. Want to save time? 

We can usually put your braces on at your initial appointment. 

Perfect for teens and adults looking for braces that are practically invisible. 

Plus, Invisalign doesn’t cost much more than traditional braces. 

A model of teeth outfitted with silver Colored Braces

Silver Braces

Keep it traditional with the OG silver, or choose new colors at every appointment to keep things fresh.

A model of teeth outfitted with clear braces

Clear Braces

Not a fan of the metal look?  We have clear ceramic braces along with rhodium coated wires.

A model of teeth outfitted with platinum braces

Platinum Braces

A newer esthetic option that blends in more than silver, but can still be dressed up with all the colors.

A model outfitted with gold braces

Gold Braces

These champagne brackets won't fade or chip and neither will our gold wires that match.  All colors available.

A model of clear braces with colored elastics

Clear with Colors

Colors pop on our Clarity braces and look amazing.  Dr. G's personal braces favorite.

A model of teeth outfitted with invisalign

For the ultimate in esthetics and comfort.  Look great while aligning even the most difficult teeth to straighten.

Morgan and Rachel, Invisalign patients of Orangeburg South Carolina Orthodontist Dr.Justin Garrett

Orangeburg's only local, full-time orthodontists: here when you need us!

Our doctors and team members live just down the street if you have a problem. No other practice can say that. We're not a big corporation, so you'll see the same doctor at every visit. We're also not just visiting from out of town and only open a few days a month.

For nearly 40 years, Dr. Edwards has been helping thousands of children and adults get transformative smiles. Now Dr. Garrett builds on that reputation by simplifying the path to the confident smile you deserve.

Morgan and Rachel | Invisalign, Braces

Don’t dread school picture day, a job interview or that next presentation. Instead show off those pearly whites! 

Michael, orthodontics patient of Dr. Justin Garrett of Orangeburg South Carolina

Michael | Braces

What happens on your first visit to the orthodontist?

Your initial exam starts with free X-rays and photos. This allows your orthodontist to determine the best treatment and timeline for you. 

Pick a payment plan that fits your budget. No hidden fees. Enjoy flat-rate pricing for your entire treatment.  Start for as little as $580 and pay monthly with 0%, no-interest financing.

Want to start immediately? Turn your consult into the first day of treatment. Leave the office with your braces on, already on the path to a better smile and greater confidence.

What does it cost?


We hear this question every day. In The Ultimate Guide to Orthodontic Pricing, we break down how pricing works, what you should avoid, and the best path for you to get the smile you deserve.

Imagine what a confident smile can do for you! Don’t wait any longer. Get more joy out of your life with the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. 

That's the future with Edwards & Garrett Orthodontists. Schedule a free exam and get your braces on the same day! 

The Ultimate Guide to Orthodontic Pricing

Fill out the form below to download the guide and learn exactly how orthodontic fees work

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